The Complete Bilingual Editions of Immanuel Kant

The complete bilingual of THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS and ON DREAMS

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I. The Scientific Literature Dealing With the Problem of Dreams Die Wissenschaftliche Literatur der Traumprobleme Download Chapters I-IV
II. The Method of Interpreting Dreams: An Analysis of a Specimen Dream
Die Methode der Traumdeutung: Die Analyse eines Traummusters
III. A Dream is the Fulfilment of a Wish Die Traum ist eine Wunscherfűllung
IV. Distortion in Dreams Die Traumentstellung
V. The Material and Sources of Dreams Die Traummaterial und die Traumquellen Download Chapter V
VI. The Dream-Work Die Traumarbeit Download Chapter VI
VII. The Psychology of the Dream-Processes Zur Psychologie der Traumvorgänge Download Chapter VII
  ON DREAMS Über den Traum Download
  Bibliographies, Indices
  How the topics of chapter 1 are distributed in the remaining 6 chapters of The Interpretation of Dreams
  What Freud did and did not associate to in his Dream of Irma's Injection


  1. From the Konkordanz zu den G.W. von Sigmund Freud: Ausstossung, Bejahung, Verneinung, Verleugnung, Verwerfung
  2. From the Konkordanz zu den G.W. von Sigmund Freud: Instinkte, Instinkten
  3. Anna O. chronology
  4. Bilingual of Freud’s book On Aphasia (Zur Auffassung der Aphasien)
  5. Freud’s entry ‘Aphasia’ in the A. Villaret Handwörterbuch der gesamten Medizin (1888)
  6. Zur Auffassung der Aphasien (original 1891 edition)
  7. Index to Freud’s Aphasia book (1891): by author, by topic:
  8. List of bi-lingual texts of Freud
  9. Organic Foundations of Psycho-Analysis—References
  10. Mathilde Schleicher page
  11. A Note Upon the ‘Mystic Writing-Pad’ (Notiz über den »Wunderblock«)
  12. Stekel: Die Verpflichtung des Namens (The Obligation/Responsibility of Names)
  13. On the Determining Power of Names by Karl Abraham
  14. The Antithetical Meaning of Primal Words: ABEL, FREUD
  15. The complete bilingual of MOSES AND MONOTHEISM:
  16. THE QUESTION OF LAY ANALYSIS with Freud’s unpublished 1935 postscript
  17. STUDIES ON HYSTERIA—with Breuer’s original case history sent to Robert Binswanger in Kreuzlingen
  18. The ‘Uncanny’ (Das Unheimliche)
  19. Dostoevsky and Parricide (Dostojewski und die Vatertötung)
  20. Thoughts for the Times on War and Death (Zeitgemäßes über Krieg und Tod)
  21. Why War? (Warum Krieg?)
  22. The Psycho-Analytic View of Psychogenic Disturbance of Vision
  23. Wiener (Protokolle)—Spring’s Awakening by Wedekind, 13, Febr.1907
  24. The Missing Wiener (Protokolle)—On the Genesis of Fetishism, 24 Feb. 1909
  25. AN OUTLINE OF PSYCHO-ANALYSIS (Abriss der Psychoanalyse)
  26. The Aetiology of Hysteria
  27. Hysterical Phantasies and Their Relation to Bisexuality
  28. Sexuality in the Aetiology of the Neuroses
  29. Heredity and the Aetiology of the Neuroses (originally in French, Freud uses the term ‘jouissance’)
  30. THE EGO AND THE ID (Das Ich und das Es)
  31. A Disturbance of Memory on the Acropolis (Brief an Romain Rolland)
  32. THE FUTURE OF AN ILLUSION (Die Zukunft einer Illusion)
  33. Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of His Childhood (Eine Kindheitserinnerung des Leonardo da Vinci)
  34. On the Universal Tendency to Debasement in the Sphere of Love II-Contributions to the Psychology of Love
  35. CIVILIZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS (Das Unbehagen in der Kultur)
  36. On Transience (Vergänglichkeit)
  37. Some Additional Notes upon Dream-Interpretation as a Whole (Einige Nachtrage zum Ganzen der Traumdeutung)
  38. Obsessions and Phobias: Their Psychical Mechanism and their Aetiology (Obsessions et phobies. Leur mécanisme psychique et leur étiologie)
  39. Medusa’s Head (Das Medusenhaupt)
  40. Lecture XVII: The Sense of Symptoms and Lecture XXIII: The Paths to the Formation of Symptoms
  41. Freud: Some Character-Types Met with in Psycho-analytic Work
  42. The Freudian Concept of Representative (Repräsentanz) by Michel Tort from Cahiers pour l’Analyse, Vol. 5
  43. The Claims of Psycho-Analysis to Scientific Interest (Das Interesse an der Psychoanalyse)
  44. On the Grounds for Detaching a Particular Syndrome from Neurasthenia under the description “Anxiety Neurosis” & A Reply to Criticisms of my Paper on Anxiety Neurosis
  45. The Neuro-Psychoses of Defence (Die Abwehr-Neuropsychosen)
  46. Further Remarks on the Neuro-Psychoses of Defence (Weitere Bemerkungen Über die Abwehr-Neuropsychosen)
  47. Some Points for a Comparative Study of Organic and Hysterical Motor Paralyses (Quelques Considérations pour une Étude Comparative des Paralysies Motrices Organiques et Hystériques)
  48. Observation of a Severe Case of Hemi-Anaethesia in a Hysterical Male (Beobachtung einer hochgradigen Hemianästhesie bei einem hysterischen Mann)
  49. Psychical (or Mental) Treatment ((Psychische Behandlung (Seelenbehandlung))
  50. Lecture XXX Dreams and Occultism (Traum und Okkultismus)
  51. Dreams and Telepathy (Traum und Telepathie)
  52. Psycho-Analysis and Telepathy (Psychoanalyse und Telepathie)
  53. Freud’s letter to Jung of December 06, 1906 describing psychoanalysis as a cure through love (eine Heilung durch Liebe)
  54. Excerpts from Freud’s Correspondence with Fliess—things overheard and only understood subsequently


  1. Frege: On Sense & Reference (Über Sinn und Bedeutung)
  2. Heidegger: Being and Time: Div I, Div II
  3. Nietzsche: On the Genealogy of Morals
  4. Nietzsche: On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense
  5. Bilingual of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit—A.V. Miller translation:
  6. Bilingual of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit—J.B. Baillie translation
  7. Bilingual of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit—Terry Pinkard translation