1. Seminar 4 The Object Relation 1956-1957 translated by L.V.A. Roche (corrected copy)
  2. Écrits: Kant avec Sade, bilingual—3 translations
  3. Annotations to Swenson’s translation of Kant avec Sade
  4. Translator’s Notes to Fink’s translation of Kant avec Sade
  6. Sur l’experience de la Passe-bilingual translated by Scott Savaiano
  7. Conference à Geneve sur la Symptom-bilingual
  8. Propos sur l’hysterie
  9. Homage to Marguerite Duras, on Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein (Hommage fait à Marguerite Duras, du Ravissement de Lol V. Stein)
  10. Hiatus Irrationalis - 2 translations
  11. Entretien avec Madeleine Chapsal paru dans L’express du 31 mai 1957-bilingual
  12. English translation of Jacques Lacan’s Press Conference in Rome, 29th of October 1974
  13. English translation of Lacan’s The Symbolic, The Imaginary, and The Real (July 8, 1953)
  14. English translation of the Introduction to Noeud, by Jean-Michel Vappereau
  15. English translation of Étoffe (Fabric) pages 13-49 (The Mirage of Topology) by Jean-Michel Vappereau
  16. Lacanian-Freudian Perversion Bibliography
  17. Lacan’s references to Freud’s texts
  18. Why did Peirce Terrorize Benveniste?
  19. Notes de F. Dolto; le 16 juin 1936-Lacan: le stade du miroir, original French only, bilingual
  20. Lacan: The Mirror Stage paper from Écrits — bilingual, Sheridan translation
  21. Some Reflections on the Ego, 1953
  22. Cotard: Nihilistic Delusions
  23. Articles about the Papin Sisters, including bilinguals of the Minotaure Articles
  24. Moustafa Safouan: The Unconscious and Its Scribe
  25. Jurgis Baltrušaitis: Anamorphic Art
  26. Deciphering Jouissance by Nestor Braunstein
  27. Addenda to the Index of the English translation of Seminar XI-The Four Fundamental Concepts
  28. From Transference to Metaphor by André Michels
  29. Psychosis and the Signifier by Gerard Pommier
  30. The Fall of a Will: Acting Out and Suicide by Roberto Harari
  31. Lacan’s Wolfman Seminar 1951-1952 (bilingual)
  32. How Lacan Invented the Object a by Jean Allouch
  33. Jacques Lacan:The Symbol and Its Religious Function, 1954—a bilingual with two translations
  34. HADDAD: Judaism and Lacan
  35. ‘The Evil Eye’ from the Annals of Iraqi Jewry
  36. L’interpretation : « apophantique », et « oraculaire », by Stéphanie Gilet-Le Bon: French, English