1. Seminar 4 The Object Relation 1956-1957 translated by L.V.A. Roche (corrected copy)
  2. Seminar 26: La topologie et le temps—a translation of the first session
  3. Écrits: Kant avec Sade, bilingual—3 translations
  4. Annotations to Swenson’s translation of Kant avec Sade
  5. Translator’s Notes to Fink’s translation of Kant avec Sade
  6. Écrits: La chose freudienne-bilingual, Alan Sheridan translation
  8. Sur l’experience de la Passe-bilingual translated by Scott Savaiano
  9. Conference à Geneve sur la Symptom-bilingual
  10. Propos sur l’hysterie
  11. Homage to Marguerite Duras, on Le ravissement de Lol V. Stein (Hommage fait à Marguerite Duras, du Ravissement de Lol V. Stein)
  12. Lacan’s poem Hiatus Irrationalis—3 translations
  13. Entretien avec Madeleine Chapsal paru dans L’express du 31 mai 1957-bilingual
  14. English translation of Jacques Lacan’s Press Conference in Rome, 29th of October 1974
  15. Lacan’s references to Freud’s texts
  16. Notes de F. Dolto; le 16 juin 1936-Lacan: le stade du miroir, original French only, bilingual
  17. Lacan: The Mirror Stage paper from Écrits — bilingual, Sheridan translation
  18. Some Reflections on the Ego, 1953
  19. Lacan’s Wolfman Seminar 1951-1952 (bilingual)
  20. Jacques Lacan:The Symbol and Its Religious Function, 1954—a bilingual with two translations
  21. Articles about the Papin Sisters, including bilinguals of the Minotaure Articles
  22. Moustafa Safouan: The Unconscious and Its Scribe
  23. Jurgis Baltrušaitis: Anamorphic Art
  24. Deciphering Jouissance by Nestor Braunstein
  25. Addenda to the Index of the English translation of Seminar XI-The Four Fundamental Concepts
  26. From Transference to Metaphor by André Michels
  27. Psychosis and the Signifier by Gerard Pommier
  28. The Fall of a Will: Acting Out and Suicide by Roberto Harari
  29. English translation of the Introduction to Noeud, by Jean-Michel Vappereau
  30. English translation of Étoffe (Fabric) pages 13-49 (The Mirage of Topology) by Jean-Michel Vappereau
  31. Lacanian-Freudian Perversion Bibliography
  32. Why did Peirce Terrorize Benveniste?
  33. Cotard: Nihilistic Delusions
  34. How Lacan Invented the Object a by Jean Allouch
  35. HADDAD: Judaism and Lacan
  36. ‘The Evil Eye’ from the Annals of Iraqi Jewry
  37. L’interpretation : « apophantique », et « oraculaire », by Stéphanie Gilet-Le Bon: French, English
  38. The Turquet Report